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Transformation Challenge

Transformation Challenge

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Transformation Challenge from Gold’s gym .. Change to the better.

Every Year Gold’s gym Arabia launches a global competition for Transformation Challenge.
Gold’s gym was the first fitness club in Saudi Arabia to launch the transformation challenge competition in 2015.
Transformation Challenge Program is the attempt to reach the perfect and the desired shape under the supervision of Male and female certified coaches.
Also, it is an attempt to burn fat and improve body mass to a graceful and consistent shape.

The program is consisting of:
• 12 Weeks program.
• 36 group classes.
• Challenging Activities.
• Nutrition Tips.
• Body measurements (Before and After)






Among the group, exercises are GGX training, which is a combination of aerobic exercises that combines rhythmic exercises and strength training to improve physical fitness.

Also, we will have Functional Training:
Functional training is a term used to describe exercises that help you perform activities in everyday life more easily.
Functional training should be a staple in everyone’s exercising routine. It enhances the overall health, movement, and self-understanding of the body.

And we will have Circuit Training:
Circuit Training is a high intensity, fast-paced workout based on a series of movements done at an all-out effort for a short time, repeated several times with a short period of rest in between. With a circuit, you will have a seriously hard workout because as you get tired you move to the next exercise or take a rest.

Circuit exercises can be pretty much anything, and circuits usually include a mix of some intense cardio movements, plyometrics, Jump rope, and strength exercises.

Circuit Training is considered a highly efficient and versatile workout strategy. It is an ideal workout when trying to cut body fat while still maintaining muscular strength, and it can shape your body and your muscles.

And We will have one of the most important training, it is the Boot Camp Training:
The boot camp workout takes the military workout out of basic training.
These exercises achieve the main goal of burning fat, fitness, and strength. Boot Camp includes some training like swimming, cycling and running.

Some of the most important benefits of the Boot camp Workout include burning calories, increasing strength, boosting confidence, improving aerobic endurance, aid coordination, increasing balance, changing lifestyle outlook, and motivating long-term health.

There are also some external training that each coach will lead with his team, which will combine sport and challenge among the team members.
Each member will depend on special Nutrition tips that are suitable for his\her body measurements and suitable for his\her weight in order to achieve the desired goal and will be under the supervision of specialized trainers.

Body measurements will also be taken before and after the competition, such as measuring weight and measuring some areas of the body such as the buttocks, abdomen, and chest. Among the measurements, the assessment will be body fat percentage, water percentage measurement, and muscle percentage measurement.


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  • Subscription is available for current members of Gold’s Gym and non-members.
  • The winner will be announced after the end of the program, and the prizes are worth 100,000 Saudi riyals.
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