Online Training

Gold’s Gym is with you everywhere

Your health matter to us, personal training online with medical advice to keep you healthy, keep your body, health, and be fit at home

Gold’s Gym is with you everywhere, and the training won’t stop

Online Personal Training

No matter where are you on your journey, we are in your corner. When you work with a Gold’s Gym certified personal trainer, you receive a world-class coach dedicated to your success.

Individual personal training with trainer/trainer 1200 riyals ( 12 Session )

Online Friends Exercise

Enjoy a diverse schedule of group fitness classes in a fun and energizing setting. We offer classes like Yoga, Zumba, Martial Arts, High-Intensity Interval Training, and more.

Personal training in a group of 600 riyals ( 12 Session )

Now it is available online, register your data, choose your training program and prepare your equipment or its alternatives and the trainer will contact you the soonest to agree with you about the timing and to put the program that suits your body besides the nutrition tips.

Program Levels

Beginner: If you do not exercise regularly and continuously.
Athlete: If you are an athlete, you regularly do sports