Transformation Challenge

Change your life for the best, Gold’s Gym Challenge in 12 weeks
With prizes worth 100,000 SR

Advantages of Gold’s Gym Challenge: –
* The Gold’s Gym Challenge depends on the subscriber’s weight and condition especially for weight loss or excess weight holders

* 36 training sessions under the supervision of specialized trainers with experience and competence in the field of sports training to help the participant to lose weight and the lack of stability in weight during the journey of change

* 3 days of intensive personal training until the end of the challenge
Access to variable Nutrition programs systems and daily guidance plan
* Physical measurements to determine the level of mass and fitness before / during / and after  on a weekly base
Access to group external exercises and internal and external training areas for free methods

Challenges around the Kingdom

Jeddah Region: Faiha Branch / Zahra



Terms and conditions of the Gold’s Gym Challenge are:
You can participate as long as there are no health problems.
You can participate in the challenge without participating in the club
This challenge is for weight loss and achieving a certain goal changes the life of the subscriber for the better