Gold's Gym History - Gold's Gym Arabia - تاريخ جولدزجيم

We are growing stronger with time

Gold’s gym

is the most famous name in fitness, serving more than 3 million members in 60 countries around the world. Always at the forefront of the fitness revolution, Gold’s Gym has continuously developed its own profile by providing the best facilities, the latest cardiovascular and strength training equipment, as well as the most dynamic group workout programs including Zumba, yoga, group cycling, mixed martial arts, muscle endurance training, and pilates.

In Gold’s Gym

You will find an active and supportive environment filled with all kinds of people committed to achieving their goals. Today, more than ever before, Gold’s Gym recognizes that power comes in many ways … whether it is a strength to be a better father or the strength to overcome diabetes or the power to be a better athlete. Our mission at Gold’s Gym Simple: We are here to help you know your strength. See how our strength has evolved over the years


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