Transformation Challenge 2016

The Gold’s Gym challenge is a 12-week body transformation contest including 56 sessions, which is exclusively available at Gold’s Gym. Not only will the challenge help you to get fit


Exceed your fitness goals and improve your overall health, you will also get a chance to win amazing cash prizes and giveaways.

All challengers will participate in a comprehensive “before” measurements and photographs. At the end of the 12 weeks final measurements and “after” photographs will be taken to document final results.

Each gym will then choose their winners and the top male and female for each age category will be announced along with one male and female grand prize winner.

This challenge is more than just a contest. It will help you totally transform yourself inside and out. Our trainers will motivate and guide you each step of the way providing you with nutrition tips, motivation tools and fitness awareness resources to keep you on track to achieving your ultimate fitness goals and maximizing the best results possible”